With stock photographs and third-party programs, you can add more pizzazz to your web site.

Stock photographs are available from third-party providers. Some, like Microsoft's Design Gallery, are free. Others may cost from $1-$70. Some places to obtain stock photos are listed below:

  • http://dgl.microsoft.com
  • http://creative.gettyimages.com
  • http://www.photos.com
  • http://www.comstock.com
  • http://www.istockphoto.com

Third party programs can help you obtain added functionality or interest to your web site.

  • Swish, available from www.swishzone.com, provides a cost-effective way to create Flash animations for your web site.
  • Macromedia Flash (www.macromedia.com) is the animation program for power-users.
  • Run a search in a search engine to look for other products that may help you achieve your desired effect!

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